Learn About God

How can we learn more about God? The answer is simple.  We read His Word: The Holy Bible.  We study the scriptures by taking the whole Bible, considering the full Word of God, and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s intended message.

We live in a society that now takes the scriptures and manipulates meaning to support man’s thinking and reasoning.  God’s Word is often misused and misrepresented.  Winds of Peace Fellowship strives to represent the purest of truth from God’s Word.

At Winds of Peace you can find a balanced ministry that digs into God’s Word and holds His Principles high without compromise.  There is a place for you here, be sure to join us as we all strive to dig deeper into our relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Children’s Ministry
Every Sunday Morning Kids of Peace meets to Worship God, learn more about Him through His Word, and discover ways to serve God and others.

Youth Ministry
Youth are especially challenged to uphold their Christian Values among their peers.  The Youth Ministry at Winds of Peace Fellowship helps guide our Middle School, High School, and College students with sound Biblical Principles.  The youth meet on Wednesday evenings for fellowship, fun, and Bible study.  The youth group also schedules a variety of outings to concerts, local events & activities, and mission ministry.

Mission Ministry
Winds of Peace Fellowship takes the directive that Jesus Christ gave seriously.  Jesus directed us to go into the world and spread the Gospel.  Winds of Peace works in the local community and in other areas of the world to promote the Gospel of Christ.  Active ministry in Peru, through Vientos De Paz include a number of churches in the area of Lima.  Winds of Peace also supports the ministry of Casas por Cristo, with a group that helped build a home for a family in Juarez that needed a shelter.  Winds of Peace also supports the daily work of a missionary on the staff with Casas por Cristo.

Women’s Ministry
The Women’s Ministry schedules events and activities especially to support the needs of the ladies attending the church.  The ladies fellowship together and often work on projects that minister to needs in the community.

Men’s Ministry
Fellowship with one another is an important part of building relationship with others and with God.  Men struggle with a variety of  issues.  This group of men encourage one another in the ways of God with meetings and other projects intended to build God’s Kingdom.